Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bare Bottom Blisterings from Father Frank

Bella stood before Father Frank rubbing her poor strapped bare bottom, her panties around her thighs and her skirt fallen down, the hard glass plug shifting uncomfortably deep inside her, pondering her dilemma. She kept her head down her short white blond hair falling over her bright blues eyes still glistening with tears form her strapping and shifted restlessly in indecision.

“Well Bella? What it is going to be girl, stop rubbing your bottom, and why have you let your skirt fall?”

Father Frank’s voice cut through Bella’s worried thoughts like a knife and her head flew up to lock eyes with him as she hastily stopped rubbing and raised her skirt back up to her waist.

“I,I, I have been naughty Daddy , I’m sorry I lied!” Bella stuttered in a small guilty whisper, wondering where the decision to confess came from, and wondering what her fate would be.

Father Frank sternly gazed at the worried girl until she dropped her head again with a whimper of despair seeing she was in for it now!

“This lying must be stopped Bella, do you understand me? The sin of lying is NO laughing matter!” Father Frank boomed at the girl who shivered and nodded her head.

“Yes Daddy!” she whimpered forlornly not daring to say anything else, the fate of her bare behind hanging in the balance both outside and in. She knew at the very least she would be getting the large plug and prayed that Father Frank wouldn’t decide she needed the awful extra large one which meant she would be getting a “slushy” as well. Father Frank kept ground up ginger frozen in his office fridge for when a girl had earned the extra large greatly feared glass rod of correction. When a girl earned that she also endured the insertion of the half thawed ground up ginger slush up her naughty bum. It was an excellent deterrent in repeated offenses.

“I am afraid, Bella, that this calls for a dose of my slipper and...” Father Frank paused for maximum effect watching the girl stiffen and raise her head to meet his gaze in horror...” the extra large plug and ‘slushy” punishment. Not only that but we will be addressing your lying tomorrow afternoon in the punishment room as well.”

“NOOOOOO!” Bella wailed. “Please Daddy not THAT, please not that.” Bella had not had it but she had heard awful stories about that particular discipline technique form the other nuns who had. Then his last sentenced penetrated her brain and she wailed wordlessly again, but didn’t dare think about that yet, it was too horrid to contemplate. She would have plenty of time later to ponder what would happen to her in the punishment room tomorrow, best to let that slide right out of her mind again.

“Yes Bella.” He replied, “You must be cleansed of this serious sin. Don’t you dare argue you sinful naughty girl, I have made up my mind. Please go and get the slushy out of my fridge and put it next to the extra large plug so it can thaw while I blister your naughty lying bare bottom with the bath brush. I intend to spank you long enough for it to thaw to the proper state. And Bella do NOT let your skirt fall again or you will spend the rest of the day with your habit pinned up and your bare bottom on display for all to see as you go about your work and you know Mother Superior will not be pleased.”

Bella drew in her breath terrified at the very thought of it. Mother Superior would indeed be angry and at the very least she would be caned or whipped, long and hard at bedtime. Mother Superior looked for any excuse to discipline her nuns and she was very sadistic.

Quickly Bella turned and almost ran to do Father Frank’s bidding holding her skirt high, determined to avoid a “habit pinning” and the subsequent attention of the Mother Superior. She got the plastic container out of the fridge, having spent time looking at it when she cleaned Father Frank’s office, pondering how it would feel with a fearful thrilling excitement she couldn’t explain to her self. Placing it next to the menacing plug she then returned to Father Frank, her eyes riveted to the bath brush he was impatiently tapping against his thigh, as he sat in his chair waiting for her.

Father Frank eyed the girl as she once again stood before him, shifting restlessly from foot to foot ,her hands clenching the skirt behind her back desperate to keep it high enough. He liked this girlish nun very much and was pleased that Mother Superior had agreed to his request for her as his new housekeeper now that old Sister Agnes would be retiring and leaving this nunnery for a home for elderly nuns who deserved their well earned rest. He hadn’t told Bella yet and had asked Mother Superior to keep it to herself until he had informed the girl. Sister Agnes left this Friday and his plan was to spring it on Bella when she needed to hear good news. After this punishment seemed appropriate and he looked forward to informing the well and truly chastised girl later. He had plans for her, plans that would stay between the two of them and only them.

He shook himself out of his musings and once again focused on the task at hand.

“Right sinful girl, drop that skirt and get that naughty bare backside over my lap!”

Bella moaned and let her skirt drop then went to his side and lowered herself across the firm strong thighs, wiggling herself into proper position so her bottom was up and her arms and legs hung down. She gripped the rung of the chair and arched her back and bent her legs so her toes touched the floor supporting them, she spread her legs slightly, tilting her bottom perfectly as he had taught her. Once in position she waited trembling in aroused anticipation. Her feared and desired bath brush blistering was about to begin! She whimpered slightly as she felt herself grow wet, confused at her conflicting feelings about both the hairbrush and bath brush. She hated when it first started but something about this made her feel warm and loved and cherished. The pain always cleansed her and she often orgasmed from the kind of long hard spanking she was about to get.

Father Frank switched the brush to his non spanking hand and let his free one wander over Bella’s beautiful bottom. It was like satin, soft and smooth and just large enough to spank hard without reservation. He preferred this kind of backside. Small tight ones were nice but you had to be careful when spanking them. Bella’s kind of bottom on the other hand could take a LOT of punishment and recover quickly as well. She had that fair skin of a true blond that got pink, then eventually a bright maroon red when spanked long enough.

Bella’s bottom bounced back quickly after discipline not like Sister Sonja who had the same blond hair but a small pert ass that while lovely to spank had to be done with care and needed at least a week of recovery if using anything but your hand. Sister Sonja was his favourite for hand spankings but she wouldn’t do as a housekeeper for him. Sister Maggie had been in the running, with her fiery locks and freckled skin and big green eyes. She had looked too slender in her habit but once she was bared, had proven to have a delightfully full round bubble butt that could take quite the spanking but alas she couldn’t cook worth a damn. He grinned in delight remembering she was one of the penitents this afternoon. He had also pondered the stunning Sister Lucia, she of the last confession before lunch, but not having seen her bottom yet he had decided to cross her off the list, no one cooked like Bella and she was the perfect match for him, always naughty, always needing correction and regular discipline, desiring it even which suited him. She would satisfy his need to redden behinds as well as his baser desires, yes indeed this nun with the perpetual naughty little girl inside was perfect!

He finished his thoughts with a smack to the girls flesh and smiled as she flinched then whimpered and pushed her bum back into his hand. That was the other reason, the girl loved this and he could already feel her wetness on his thigh. He gave her a flurry of spanks just to watch her buttocks bounce at the sharp contact, then rippling up her cheeks to dissipate once reaching the bottom of her waist just above her hips.

Cupping one cheek he squeezed hard, listening to the answering moans and enjoying the wiggles then spanked her again fast and sharply making her do the oh so lovely spanking dance. Her yelps and squeals gave evidence to how sore her well strapped backside was despite the now barely there strap marks. He smiled slowly and evilly, knowing the bottom blistering he was going to give her would be the worst brush spanking she had ever had! He gazed down at the undulating, now light pink half moons with vague strap marks, the shifting, parting cheeks allowed glimpses of her stretched by the plug back passage, that delightful pinker crinkled opening was going to give him SUCH pleasure soon, he couldn’t wait to get her moved in to his house on the property!

Father Frank shook himself mentally out of his musings and stopped spanking the lovely derriere then switched the bath brush to his spanking hand. Gripping Bella`s waist tightly he raised the brush and then brought it down sharply, first one cheek then the other then right in the middle so it shifted the plug and elicited alarmed cries from the hapless girl struggling futilely over his knees. The brush made a sharp smacking sound that rang around the room that, with the answering cries, were music to his ears. On and on and on the spanking went as Bella`s poor naughty bottom went from light pink to medium pink then on to dark pink as the blistering progressed.

Her pleas for mercy, her kicking legs, her shifting, shimmying, bare backside thoroughly aroused him and he could feel himself poking hard into Bella`s soft belly. His excitement naturally increased the intensity of the spanking and also increased the speed. Her bottom bounced and rippled madly now the cheeks parting widely as she kicked and scissored her legs desperately and her cries became wails of naughty girl well spanked misery.

"Daddy, Daddy DADDY, PLEASE! I sorry I sorry, won`t ever do it again Daddy I PWOMISSSSSSE!"

Bella's voice slipped into this little girl nonsense every time she was well spanked and Father Frank smiled at the evidence the spanking was working. Without slowing down he reached down and gripped Bella by the hair, pulling her up and turning her head to face him, noting her wide tear filled eyes and the open mouth as she gazed first at him over her shoulder, then at the brush rising and falling across her madly undulating behind.

"You`re not sorry enough by a long shot naughty Bella..." Father Frank paused and gave her some extra hard spanks to emphasize his words and her wails grew higher in alarm...."You have committed a very evil sin and you need a very evil series of punishment to cleanse you of it. I promise YOU, that you will be very sorry and nicely repentant indeed by the time I have finished both your punishment today and tomorrow in the punishment room."

He shook her head sharply and spanked her even harder...”Do you understand your transgression, do you accept that you must do penance for your sin?”

“Yyyyes Daddy, I do, I weally doooo!” Bella gasped out between wails and Father Frank let go and once again concentrated on letting the fiery strikes of the brush sink the point home... Immediately the girl began shuddering in orgasm over his lap and continued to do so for a few minutes. But eventually the orgasm passed and the pain filtered in to her brain again. The wails grew louder and louder the struggles picked up but Father Frank gripped her tight and didn’t allow this to slow the descent or strength of the brush as it slapped down on the poor sore flesh...

Sister Maggie approached the window cautiously and then peeked in anxious to see the source of the spanking sounds she heard. She had a penance schedule with Father Frank in about an hour and she was fearful and exhilarated at the prospect and had decided to eavesdrop on Bella’s daily spanking. She and Bella were best friends and she knew all about her daily dose of the hairbrush and envied her for it. She had been peeking for a while now and the sights she observed kept her captivated and provided her fodder for her own self sinning. She had felt increasingly guilty at not confessing her bad behaviour to the father but at the same time was thrilled that when she did she would earn herself a punishment that would probably include a daily dose of the same. She was a clever girl and had been pretending to be terrified of Father Frank’s spankings to the Mother Superior and in doing so often got sent to him for correction instead of enduring Mother Superior’s awful strapping’s, caning’s and birching’s.

Lately Mother Superior had been threatening to make her his “naughty maid”, something Maggie wanted desperately and was pretty sure was going to come true soon if she played her cards correctly. A naughty maid punishment meant she would be stripped of her habit dressed in sackcloth not allowed undergarments or shoes and then made to crawl to Father Frank’s residence where she would spend the period of her sentence doing penance. This would entail scrubbing and cleaning and lots and lots of spankings. Mother Superior was convinced she was terrified of that fate because she was afraid of men, which was exactly what Maggie wanted and she just knew the sadistic ruler of the nuns would do it soon. She was walking a fine line though and had to be careful, the Mother Superior was not stupid and if found out her existence here would become sheer misery with whippings every night.

Maggie drew in her breath at the sight of Bella’s spanking... the girl was practically swimming over Father Frank’s lap as he spanked her hard and fairly fast with the bath brush. From this vantage point Maggie had a full view of Bella’s legs and bottom, and other things revealed by her kicking and struggling over his knees. She noted the glass plug peeking out between her cheeks with a clench in her belly that made her gasp. The brush was fairly cracking across her poor dark pink bare bottom and Maggie felt herself grow wet at the sight of it. Oh she wished it were her.

For the next fifteen minutes she watched the girl receive her penance and she was awed at the strength of Father Frank to keep spanking that long. She wondered what the bath brush felt like as she had only had Father Frank’s hand and hairbrush so far. The heavier brush had to sting more than a regular hairbrush and she hoped to feel it soon. Bella’s wails had turned to howls now and she suddenly stopped struggling so hard and lay limp and exhausted over his lap as the bath brush continued its punishing work. She still howled but only her now dark maroon bottom moved, dancing and bouncing to the beat of the heavy brush. Maggie reluctantly pulled herself away aware she couldn’t afford to get caught here at all and went back to her room to change into fresh undergarments for her own session coming up...

Father Frank stared down at the dark maroon bottom and knew Bella had had enough and it was time to stop. Setting the brush aside he rubbed the girl’s bum soothingly waiting for her to realize her blistering was over. Finally the howling stopped and she lay there sobbing and apologizing over his lap.

“I sorry Daddy I so naughty I will be good I promise I’m very naughty girl , tank you for spanking me.” She sobbed out turning to look at him over her shoulder. Her hair all messed up, cheeks red, eyes glistening with tears the tracks of which ran down her cheeks. The look of her distress melted Father Frank’s heart.

Father Frank pulled the girl up and turned her to sit in his lap, noting her wince and small whimper as her very hot sore bare bottom settled firmly into his thighs. He hugged her close and soothed her for a few minutes then stood up and set her on her feet. Turning her he gave her a hearty slap on her bare bottom sending her towards the corner with a shriek.

“To the corner naughty girl and wait there till I am ready to deal with the next stage of your penance, mind you don’t let that skirt drop girl or you will earn a habit pinning.”

“Yes Daddy,” Bella said as she pressed her nose firmly into the corner her hands holding her skirt high up her back. Then she pushed her hot bare bottom out just as her Daddy liked. She sniffled and whimpered at the still lingering fire but didn’t dare rub her backside as it was forbidden during corner time.

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