Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Video Release: Reform School Girls: Revenge of the Vice Principle

Girls sentenced to Ridel, Reform School for Young Ladies and Girls are subject to harsh corporal punishment. Destiny is in double trouble because the week before she told on Ms. Mocker for sexually abusing the young ladies and caused Ms. Mocker to get leather belt punishment from the principle. So when Destiny is sent to Ms. Mocker's office for punishment due to smoking cigarettes, Destiny is very nervous. At first Ms. Mocker seems happy she flashes back to when Destiny used the electric Fuck Machine on her and when Destiny licked her pussy. However her happiness doesn't last long and soon Destiny is over her knee for a hard tear jerking spanking. When pot is found in Destiny's Cigarette pack she is sent to the principle he spanks her OTK, then makes her bend over for the belt. Finally he makes her assume the position and wears her ass out with a ruler.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Kandy Gets the Kane

Strippers, they live in a world where they seem to think that rules do not apply to them. Outlaw runs a tight ship at his bar. If a Stripper gets three strikes it's either out the door or they take a spanking to keep their job. Kandy has been spanked twice before. This time Outlaw decides it's the cane for her. 

 Kandy gets spanked, ass fucked, then caned. This is a lesson that she will never forget. 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two Spanked Bartenders

Starring Becky

                                                                Featuring Shy

Two Naughty bartenders are given a choice either you'll be fired for using drugs at work or you can take a spanking. Both girls get a severe bare bottom spanking.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kandy with a K, gets the belt

As a certain Judge's daughter found out there is nothing like the sting of the belt. Kandy is a very naughty girl who is lazy and refuses to do her assigned work at the club. Now Kandy is from the country, she came to the big city to be an actress but things are quite going the way she wants. A call home to her mother and her boss finds out she frequently needs a bare bottom belting to get her in line. First she gets ten over her sweat pants, then she must lower them and her panties for a bare bottom thrashing that leaves her crying.



Monday, October 24, 2011

Spank the Girls and Make them Cry

A Spanking Just doesn't seem like it has accomplished it's purpose if you don't make the water fall from the young ladies eyes before you are done. How do you really know if she has learned her lesson, otherwise? At we try to make all our lessons meaningful. So the water falls from the eyes and sometimes the snot comes out of the nose as well and just to make sure we don't stop when the crying starts.

Video Preview: 5 Bawling Babes
Top Picture from: 3 Hours Late
Last Picture: Real Spankings Bring Tears

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Main site gets a OVER HAUL!

Okay everyone can stop their bitching! I updated the site. Finally got time! Offering over 700 free stills and 20+ free Video's on the main site!

Picture and Video from Kandy Caned and Ass Fucked in Full HD

Friday, October 21, 2011


I always try to give my movies as much realism as possible. Spankings are meant to teach a lesson and there is no point in spanking a girl that is not naughty. This girl, Sara was an accounting student that both me and my brother let do our taxes. My brother was smarter and had his taxes redone. I was dumb enough to send them in. Luckily I sent them in early, they were sent back to me with a note that said if I turn these in like this I would likely get audited. Now Sara had often joked with me that someday she might have to "make one of my movies" because she needed the money. After I got my taxes back....well let's just say one thing lead to another and this young lady wound up getting a much needed spanking.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite Model: Tasty

Tasty was only in one Wellspanked film and that was Shop Lifter Caned and Ass Fucked. In the film she plays a shop lifter that has been caught by security and taken to his boss. The boss of course gives her a choice, corporal punishment or jail. She chooses the punishment and is spanked, caned, and paddled until her butt is bright red and tears are flowing from her eyes.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Study. Spanking fiction by Susan Thomas

The Study

The Woman walked down the corridor as so many had walked before her…..carrying a birch. She had no idea where she was, nor yet how she had come to be in this place but she did know why she was there: it was to be punished. She had only a very vague idea about what she had been doing before she was “summoned” to this place to be met by the Housekeeper.

Had you questioned the Housekeeper she would have told you that the women were often confused: they came from their office desks; from soulless production lines; from energetic classrooms; from their beds where they had been sleeping (these were the most confused as they still thought they were dreaming); and even from their baths whereupon they arrived naked and dripping.

The women were from every conceivable type of background: they varied in age and looks; in educational attainment; in aptitude and attitude. There was only one thing they shared in common…….their feeling of guilt. It was their guilt that made the summons possible.

The Housekeeper who met them was a motherly sort of woman: plump and kind, she dealt with their confusion with endless patience. A few made pretence of not understanding why they were there but she lowered her glasses and gave them such a penetrating, albeit understanding look that they gave up such folly. Although most asked questions very few received answers, instead they were given short instructions.
“Take this birch and walk straight down the corridor to the very end. There you will find the door to the Study. Make sure you knock and wait until you are invited to come in. It would be very rude to The Gentleman just to barge in.”

Many of the women had never seen a birch before but all were able to work out what it was for: all understood the nature of the punishment they were about to receive. The Housekeeper warned them that they would have to receive their punishment on unclothed skin. “The Gentleman will tell you what to take off. I don’t know what he will say because it depends on the nature of your error. It may be that you will have to strip off completely. Don’t be embarrassed if you have to do that: he is like a Doctor you know.”

The corridor was really quite unusual: clearly Victorian it had a tiled floor along its entire length. An intricate pattern of red, black and green tiles stretched out giving a feeling of spaciousness. The walls were half panelled but unusually the panelling was painted a classic cream colour: the wallpaper above was a rich William Morris. There were very few paintings or ornaments but instead small tables along the length carried vases filled with flower arrangements. The feeling was of warmth and light. It was corridor that normally would invite dalliance but not for the women. They had a birch to deliver and guilt to be dealt with.

The Woman had reached the study door and hesitated. It was not fear of punishment for she knew that the torment of the birch could never equal the torment of the guilt she carried. Her hesitation was to ensure that she was carrying herself well: shoulders back, head up and tummy in just as her grandmother had taught her. She knocked and heard the words “Come in”. The voice was not at all harsh. It was deep, pleasant and carried both authority and kindness.

The Woman entered the room and held out the birch to the gentleman who stood there but he made no effort to take it so she cradled it much as one would a baby. He was tall, with dark hair going grey that was brushed right back from his forehead. He was undoubtedly good looking but it was his presence that one noticed most. He had an enormous authority but combined with a deep understanding and compassion. No woman would ever have lied to him, not because of fear, but simply because it seemed so futile.

The room was huge: opposite the door was a large bay window that overlooked a garden. It was lined with built in bookcases all with glazed doors to protect the books. A large fireplace was against one wall with two deep leather armchairs. In the bay was a large desk with a number of books and papers on it and in the large carpeted space in the middle of the room was a large, extremely solid table. It had nothing on it at all and no chairs for anyone to sit and work at it. The Woman instinctively knew why it was there.

The Gentleman looked at her with sadness. He would question her, although he already knew why she was there, and then he would chastise her. Most of the women screamed and cried (although very few cried for mercy): the noise of their chastisement echoing down the corridor and through the oak doors to reach the Housekeeper’s ears. She would smile…….nothing nasty at all: it was a smile of understanding. She knew exactly what they were going through but as she would put it, “It is for your own good dear.”

The gentleman questioned all the women in much the same way. He found women to have a much greater sense of guilt than men but they still needed to be questioned before punishment. The purpose of the questioning was firstly to establish precisely what it was they had done wrong so that they could understand and acknowledge the reality of their errors and not just carry a vague guilt. After that they had to accept responsibility for their errors: in that they were no better than men. “So little progress over the centuries” he thought. “What was it Eve had said? ‘It was the serpent that made me do it.’ Today it is usually the husband or boy friend they blame.” Having accepted the responsibility it was a short step to repentance. When that was achieved he proceeded swiftly to the punishment that would give them the release they needed.

He looked fondly at the Woman before him. He had to spend so little time questioning her for more than most she had a clear understanding of her errors and responsibilities. Nevertheless he must punish her severely for her errors were grievous ones.

“You understand that I must chastise you severely? It is for your own good”
The Woman nodded. She was calm as she stood with a natural grace that made her beautiful.
“You must remove all of your clothes: your errors demand it. Fold your clothes neatly and place them on an armchair. Then I wish you to stand in the corner holding this book that I shall give you. In it I have already written the details of your errors and the punishment to be given you. You may keep it so that it can serve both as a reminder and a warning.”

The Woman nodded. She stooped to remove her shoes and placed them neatly under one of the armchairs. Her hands went to the buttons on her blouse and she began to undo them. It was as if she was drugged and she couldn’t seem to hurry but just slowly and methodically undid the buttons. The gentleman made no attempt to look away. She removed her blouse and folded it before placing it on the seat of the armchair. Her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders. She had slim broad shoulders and her skin was flawless and creamy: without her natural grace and carriage she was beautiful but the combination was breathtaking. The Gentleman watched her undress with the appreciation normally reserved for a great work of art.

The Woman’s hands went to the button and zip on her hip and loosened her skirt. It was a fine quality wool skirt with a lining which made a rich swishing sound as she lowered it and stepped out of it. For some reason she seemed to think that she had to undress in the same spot in which she had had stood while he questioned her. This meant that for every item she removed she needed to walk over to the chair to place the clothing.

The gentleman enjoyed watching her move: the precise grace she brought to the simplest of movements was a joy to watch. She was now clad only in a cream coloured bra with matching panties: unusually (most of the women wore tights) she was wearing a suspender belt, that matched the rest of her underwear, and a pair of stockings. This remaining clothing seemed to accentuate her excellent figure and drew the eyes to the movement of her shapely bottom.

Now the Woman undid the clasps and extending each leg in turn removed the stockings: the actions were almost poetic and the bare legs justified the poetry. Slim and shapely they had the same flawless cream of her shoulders. Now she reached behind her to undo the bra: the gentleman held his breath hoping that her breasts would not disappoint. They did not. They were perfection in shape and colour with beautiful rosette nipples.
As she walked back to her spot clad only in her panties The Gentleman took in her figure and thought that he had never had such a beauty here in his study. Her hands went to the last remaining item of clothing and she slipped them gracefully down her legs before stepping out of them. She showed no trace of embarrassment even though The Gentleman (rarely for him) stared intently at that area they had covered. She was not shaven but neatly trimmed and the colour of her hair was golden: any man looking at her could not fail to be aroused.

The Gentleman stepped forward and gave her the book: it had her name handwritten on the front in a beautiful flowing script. “Take this and stand in that corner. Hold the book to your heart as a symbol of your repentance. I shall tell you when it is time for your chastisement to commence.”
Meekly, head bowed, she took the book and walked to the corner. The gentleman watched her shapely bottom glide across and began to wonder if she might not be the one he could ask to be his wife. She was intelligent and beautiful and he longed for someone to share the burden of his work and (of course) his bed.
The thought of The Woman sharing his bed was suddenly very appealing. He took himself in hand immediately: first came his duty to The Woman. If she took her punishment well then there was the time to think of other things

“It is time” he called “please step over to the table.” He indicated to her that she should stand at one end and bend over holding on the far side.

The Woman looked doubtful the table seemed so big. As if reading her mind, The Gentleman said quietly, “It will be perfect for you. It is perfect for each woman that takes her punishment here.”

For the first time a look of anxiety crossed her face and The Gentleman feared a flaw in her perfection. However, he was reassured by her words. “You won’t spare me will you? You will chastise me severely.” He smiled approvingly: indeed she did seem to have the ideal qualities to be his wife.

She bent across the table and gripped the far edge as instructed. The Gentleman stood to her left and rested the end of the birch in the centre of her right bottom cheek. He took a step back raised the birch and brought it down with a strong smack. A huge mark appeared on her bottom and she gave a soft gasp. The Gentleman liked the familiar sound of swishing that the birch made as it went through the air and the “shrack” sound as it smacked across the bare bottom. He gave her the second smack with no interval and again the soft gasp: her right bottom cheek was already quite red as he gave her the third. The cheeks moved in response to the smack, not as a cane produces, but with results that are much more evident.

The Woman continued to gasp softly for each of the first twelve smacks. The Gentleman changed sides in order to ensure that her left cheek was amply punished: throughout the twelve smacks he gave in this position The Woman gave soft gasps from time to time. Then he returned to her left side and began again: at each swish-shrack of the birch her bottom became more red and inflamed with a criss-cross of fine red lines with tiny deeper red marks that looked a little like blood spots. As he proceeded to administer the third batch of twelve smacks the Woman’s gasps became more noticeable and the very still position she had held was lost to jumping movements of her bottom and the clenching and unclenching of her hands. After forty eight strokes

The Woman’s bottom was highly inflamed with nothing to be seen of the creamy soft skin: instead was a tracery of harsh red lines with clear blood spots forming.
The Gentleman took a fresh birch and now applied the swish-shrack of the birch to the back of her thighs until he had transformed them to the same condition as the cheeks of her bottom. Swish-shrack …..swish-sharck at each smack in this part of the punishment The Woman cried out and her legs jumped and trembled. Finally he felt the punishment was near its end. He took another birch from the container: this was different in that it had only three switches in it. Each of the switches bound together was about a quarter of an inch thick and it was a fearful looking thing.

“My dear.” he said “Your punishment is nearly at an end. I shall give you nine more strokes with this more severe birch and then it will be over. You have done well.”

There was little wind resistance with this birch and The Gentleman delivered the first stroke with considerable force on an already highly punished bottom. The Woman’s head shot up and she screeched. She screeched and wailed throughout the nine blows and no wonder for the punishment was severe: “…but no more than you deserve my love…” thought The Housekeeper as she waited by the door of the study.
The Gentleman interrupted The Woman’s cries. “Your punishment is over” he announced “and my Housekeeper shall minister to you.”

The Housekeeper entered and no mother could have been kinder as she soothed and comforted The Woman. She had brought with her a bowel of water, towels and lotion: these she applied as The Gentleman sat at his desk and wrote. The Housekeeper helped her charge to dress but the panties were not put on.
By the time she was dressed The Woman had regained her composure but it was clear from her face and posture that she had been soundly chastised. The Gentleman approached and she held out her hand intending to shake his hand and thank him. Instead he took her hand gently in his and bowing kissed it. “My dear” he murmured “it has been an honour and privilege to give you your punishment. Before you go I have a letter that I would be pleased if you would read when you feel that you have recovered.”

The Housekeeper started and looked quickly at her employer who inclined his head in response. The housekeeper smiled; suddenly she was sure that this house would have a Mistress as well as a Master. Taking her charge gently by the arm she led her back into the corridor but The Woman turned at the door. She smiled at The Gentleman as he stood by his desk: indicating the letter and the table in one gentle, fluid movement she said “Thank You”.

When the door had closed The Gentleman stood finding that his thoughts were replaying her undressing but this time the setting was his bedroom. He indulged the pleasant train of thoughts for quite a while until, his hopes high, he returned to the papers on his desk. As he read, he knew that soon he would be issuing another young woman a summons to join him in The Study.