Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Video Release: Reform School Girls: Revenge of the Vice Principle

Girls sentenced to Ridel, Reform School for Young Ladies and Girls are subject to harsh corporal punishment. Destiny is in double trouble because the week before she told on Ms. Mocker for sexually abusing the young ladies and caused Ms. Mocker to get leather belt punishment from the principle. So when Destiny is sent to Ms. Mocker's office for punishment due to smoking cigarettes, Destiny is very nervous. At first Ms. Mocker seems happy she flashes back to when Destiny used the electric Fuck Machine on her and when Destiny licked her pussy. However her happiness doesn't last long and soon Destiny is over her knee for a hard tear jerking spanking. When pot is found in Destiny's Cigarette pack she is sent to the principle he spanks her OTK, then makes her bend over for the belt. Finally he makes her assume the position and wears her ass out with a ruler.

Watch the Trailer (below)

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